Part: Front control arm bushes (front & rear positions) in uprated poly

Fitment: Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-06 & Integra Type R DC5 2000-06

The bushes are made from uprated performance polyurethane and are supplied with new metal inner sleeves.

Set contents: Front lower control arm bushes (front, vertical position), front lower control arm bushes (rear, horizontal position) and poly grease

This set covers both sides of the car, beware of other sets which only cover one side. If they've never been replaced, your original bushes will be somewhere between pretty tired and worn out, leading to imprecise handling, uneven tyre wear and instability under braking. Sharpen up your car again by fitting new, uprated bushes.

Uprated poly suspension bushes - Honda Civic Type R EP3 01-06 - front control arm - front & rear positions

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